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Board Advisor I Founder I Global Talent Leader

A global talent leader at heart, Anna has led large international recruitment teams at a wide range of recognized employers: Uber, N26, Zalando, Mollie, and TomTom. Not only does she understand the complexity of planning and managing hyper-growth, she knows how to build and develop a high performing recruitment function. 


As an experienced advisor to boards on complex leadership transitions, Anna recognizes the readiness of organizations and leadership teams for upcoming scale. 

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Board Advisor I Founder I Global Executive

Noor has been part of leadership teams of founder-led organizations throughout her career. As Chief People Officer at N26 and VP People at SoundCloud, she has shown how to scale and evolve your organization in a sustainable way during times of extreme growth and constant change. Noor is globally recognized for her track record in building high performing teams.


As an international executive and board member, Noor understands the complex stakeholder dynamic in public and private organizations. 

Meet The Team

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Our Story

We first met at TomTom in 2010 and our career journeys continued in complementary ways while blitz scaling consumer tech organizations. Exchanging our experiences ongoingly provided us deep insights into common patterns and challenges of hyper-scale. 


As active members of the Technology Ecosystem, we have built a strong network amongst founders, investors, and other industry stakeholders. At many events we shared the stage together, to talk about our experiences through times of rapid growth. 


We both believe that technology not only drives change but also enables change at work. This belief fuels our interest in the so-called WorkTech or HRTech-sector. We love working with founders on a  mission to disrupt work with innovative, digital solutions. 


Our shared passion for international adventures has given us the opportunity to work across the globe, including Australia, India, The United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. Currently living in Amsterdam and Berlin, we are fortunate to still work internationally. 


Bringing all of this together and our ambition to contribute to a more equal capital divide, we started Invested in 2021. 

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