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Our Edge

We deliver impact while having fun.

Our drive is to deliver impact while having fun. Growing a business is not easy and requires drive and energy. We work with a strong drive and high energy. Fun and loud laughs are our fuel. 


Team work makes the dream work. 

We don’t take over. We don’t fill open seats. We work directly with your teams to set them up for success. 


We believe in you.

We work with companies we believe in; believe in the mission, believe in your leadership and the believe we will impact the success of your business. 


We join your ride. 

Our partnerships are long term and we don’t optimize for short term gains. When we are not the right partner for you, we will tell you. We love connecting people and are more than happy to connect you with the people who can impact your business in a better way. 


We invest in your future.

Our purpose and drive is to have a positive accelerating impact on your business. To underline this, we like to invest in your future. This means you can pay us in equity and our profits will be reinvested in the start-up scene. We specifically focus on investment for companies with female founders. 

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